Art in Motion Gives back, this is the first event from Christmas Eve. 2010

Feeling sorry for yourself? Don’t, that shit is weak. There are literally millions of people most likely worse off then you. So I decided to take my own advice this Christmas Eve. Rather then sit home and feel sorry for myself I wanted to see if I could help someone less fortunate then myself. With the help of my kind and amazing friends, It turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and there are already plans to continue “giving back” in the future. So I ask you, why not see if you can make a difference and help someone in need. There are so many ways one can do this in this world of ours. Chose one!
We winded up cooking and serving for hours, feeding about 100 people till they were completely full and telling us to shut up about the hot food..lol anyway that’s what’s up!

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