Communities Helping Communities_Part 2

Hurricane relief effort to transport supplies from North Arlington, New Jersey to Puerto Rico.

Our aid made it over to the Island and was available and distributed via Air National Guard and other agencies with the means to reach remote areas, devastated by the hurricane. In our crazy 3 day collection, we managed to collect, categorize, box, pallet, wrap and ship 52,000 lbs of aid. That’s 26 TONS of aid that is currently making it’s way to the hands that need it. I really appreciate and sincerely thank everyone who came out and helped us make this possible. You guys are the true Heros and deserve all the recognition so be proud of yourselves for getting involved to make a difference! Unfortunately, in the larger scheme of things, even with all of this aid sent, it is just a dent ( a pretty good dent though) in the problems Puerto Rico will face in the next few months to years. I would love to keep it going and continue to help everyone in the world but my resources only allowed us this one great attempt to do what we could for Puerto Rico and trust me it definitely wasn’t easy but we made it happen. So I will continue to do what I can to donate to other collection drives, local and abroad to keep the help going. Just think, if everyone does even just a little, with the power in numbers theory, we can and always do accomplish a lot. I urge everyone to please continue to support and help people in need no matter where you’re from. The world is crazy, from Shootings to Hurricanes, Floods, Earthquakes, Fires in every and all Countries. Please get involved and simply lend a hand to help where you can. The world needs you! Make it your way of life, Much love to you all.

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