Communities Helping Communities_Part 1

Our Hurricane Relief Effort for Texas and Florida!

Communities helping Communities… We are splitting the aid we were able to collect between the Houston Food Bank in Texas and Feeding South Florida. Although the Houston food Bank in Texas could use the items, they now have a steady stream of aid pouring in and gave us their blessing to offer help to the people of Florida. We will send a money donation of $1000 to the Houston Food Bank.
I called an emailed and did the best I could to find a legit recipient of our efforts to Florida and talked to my new friend Nataly at Feeding South Florida. She says they are currently operating without power but are able to receive our aid and distribute it to the people in need. They have residents from the Florida Keys staying at shelters in their area and are providing food and aid to them directly as well as everyone in the surrounding communities that need help. They will receive our Items collected and the estimated value of what we collected can be anywhere from $35,000 – $45,000.
From the Smiles on people’s faces as they donated, to the sad stories of people having loved ones in the effected areas to actually meeting people from Florida staying here in town while the storm hit, really showed me how connected we are.
I couldn’t be happier with everyone’s efforts and appreciate the sacrifice they gave to help make this effort possible. I really do appreciate you all and feel that I’m truly the lucky one to meet you all and share moments of pure humanity with you. So from the bottom to the top of my heart, Thank you!
I know we aren’t solving the biggest problems in the universe here but to be able to help your neighbor in a small way only makes us stronger as a community. We did it =) So thank you!!!

Good luck to all that have a long road ahead of you with rebuilding your lives. Our thoughts and Positive Vibes are with you!

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