Owner of Art in Motion Tattoo Studio takes some time out to Volunteer in Costa Rica

Hey there.  so I actually wrote a daily blog about my experiences but this one in particular pretty much sums up why I was there.
Buenas Tardes, September, 12th, 2012…. Rayito de Luz is the name of the school/day care I’ve been constructing and renovating out here in Rio Azul, Costa Rica. The towns roots began as a landfill or garbage dump and obviously not the most sought after area to make a home. But regardless, the people came and set up their lives and built houses out of materials most who are reading this would consider garbage. Life in the area was hectic for sure and people who had work or

trying to find work for that matter left their little children to fend for themselves if no one was able to take care or look out for them.
Then a beautiful soul named Leticia, began taking in the kids into her home and caring for them while their parents were away. She’d rather make sure they were ok with her then to see them in the streets. What a heart in this beautiful person I swear. I wish I was as lucky enough to see the world through her eyes just for a day. However, once word got out that she opened her doors to whoever needed it, she found her home getting destroyed and becoming smaller and smaller as the days passed with a flood of parents or parent asking for her help. How could she say no. They said at times she would have up to 30 children in her home and it obviously was too much that something had to happen. Then a stroke of luck blessed her as someone from the other side of town who had an empty building donated it to her and the process began to make the move. The place was totally destroyed an run down. It was filled with garbage and just unsuitable by any standards to have children in. Thankfully, the parents and some locals got together and cleared out one of the rooms filled with garbage to at least have the kids be in a space that was ok. Since then its been a constant project to fix and repair and even construct a better environment for the children. So much so that after all this time, it just so happens that I find myself working alongside her all the way from New Jersey. Its important for us all to get involved locally as well as globally to make a difference regardless of country we are all people and the sooner we all figure that out the better life can be. For the past two weeks I have been doing whatever I can with my time here to help improve her life and the lives of the children she cares for. Ive done so much already but unfortunately my time is almost up here and i wont get to see the final product of something so beautiful. Its ok though cause i know i had a part in it and I decided to fund the installation of the internet in the place so i can keep in touch with everyone. Life is beautiful….

See that’s what I’m talking about though. One person can make a difference. All it takes is to put that step in front of the next and make moves. With hard work and help from your fellow humans, a bad situation can change and start to see the light. And soooo appropriate that the name of the school is Rayito de Luz…. translates to “Ray of Light”. Regardless of the poor conditions of the area there is something that is so beautiful out here you wouldn’t imagine unless you experienced it for yourself. I tip my hat off to Leticia for her compassion and just wanted to share this beautiful story with you in the hopes that you can see a lil help goes a long way. Simple as that. Have a great evening everyone!

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