Zombies attack at 6th and Berry

Fun drawing I made for the Annual, Bunker- Day of the dead Art Show  held in Brooklyn, NY on Halloween.  I like all zombie/end of the world type movies and figured what better time then now then to create this idea  I had in my head for a while.  The image depicts an eye from an innocent person witnessing zombies attacking, and realizing she may be next.  We can see the hell shes about to face from the reflection in her pupil and reinforced with the expression of  the cropped eye.  The background I chose was a lil offbeat from the typical New York settings  where all used to seeing,  I actually used to perform as a musician on the corner of North 6th St.and Berry St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn,  at this club called Bembe which can be seen on the bottom right of the eye.  Best choice ever  choosing an area I was used to seeing because it made my imagination  a bit more realistic in my mind while drawing. Anyway hope you like it!

This Drawing is featured in the Hardcover book called “Pandæmonium”  by OOS books

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