“Together”, Fundraiser for the AIM Foundation

The AIM Foundation or the Art in Motion Foundation origins started a few years ago with a premise that anyone can make a difference, you just have to decide to. It was this idea and seeing what’s going on in our world, from a local, to a global point of view, that I decided to get started in my quest to make a positive difference in the world. I’ve managed to encourage and involve anyone that is willing to lend a helping hand to make a positive difference and with a lot of work and effort, we really do. So far to date, The movement has managed to raise and donate funds to such organizations as the Special Olympics, being there top fundraiser in the 2010 Lincoln Tunnel Challenge raising$ 5,000., We have also donated to the

Wounded warrior Project , Funds for Cystic Fibrosis, numerous groups and foundations for cancer research, groups involved in Special needs children as well as stick to the roots of how I started by working with the homeless and less fortunate. We regularly go to areas with people in the streets, such as Penn Station , Newark, and cook and feed whoever may be hungry. Some nights we can feed 100 – 300 people. Not to mention clothes we gather to hand out and give a helping hand for whoever might need it. There are families with children out there living in the streets as well as some of our forgotten Veterans that served our country in the past. In the future, we hope to spread to Scholarships as well to assist low income families with an opportunity to have a little financial assistance with goals of a higher education.

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